Pricing and Booking

Per Lesson

1 Hour Lesson       $70

One quality Lesson with a trained instructor who will provide the required RMS standards in a calm environment.

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5 Hour Package       $350

This is a unique experience, 5 lessons that will take you from the start to being very comfortable with traffic.

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Move Forward

1.5 Hour Package       $105.00

Sometimes you may feel like you want more time, one hour may not be enough. Move forward is 1.5 Hour lesson.

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Go Further

10 Hour Package       $650.00

If you're looking for peace of mind, try Go Further. It's a 10-Hour package, with the basics covered in the first half of the program.

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3 Hours       $210

Feel like you're ready for a leap to independent driving? Touch-up helps you to find out if you're ready for the next step.

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Alert Driving

3.0 Hour Package       $210

Alert Driving is a very exciting lesson, recommended for drivers who have already had some driving training.

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Final Package 2 - Test

1 Hour    $70.00

A Prep Lesson just before your driving test. This package covers 1 Hour in your own vehicle, Meeting at RMS - Extra price for Tuggerah- See Driving Tests.

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