Alert Freeway Driving

Alert driving is a very exciting lesson, recommended for learners who have had some driving training. This requires 3.0 Hours of your time.

This experience covers the aspects of freeway driving, looks at skills required for lane changing.  Techniques include merging into flow of freeway traffic safely, also covers breaking distance. The emphasis is on safety and understanding the behaviour of other drivers, what to watch for and how to respond in an appropriate manner.

Safe approach to driving in all aspects of adverse conditions, hands on training with correct aptitude of the city traffic making sure your ready for the driving test to the standard required by Roads and Maritime Services NSW, This lesson focuses on attention to detail, safety first, driving skills you require for life. Thinking ahead planning the up coming new bends and roads not driven before is part of the journey.

This experience is relaxed and enjoyable in total you have three hours put aside. If you have not filled the three for one in your logbook you may be eligible to obtain 9 logbook hours for this one time experience.  New drivers have gained greater knowledge as you will to, so adventure out and book today.

Remember you need three hours for this Alert Driving Experience.

driving student

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