Driving Lessons

Just started driving, wonder how your instructor can help?  


If you hold an Australian Learner's Permit, then the FREE KEYS2DRIVE lesson is for you!

Margaret holds a Specialised Driver Training certificate, which deals with anxiety and rehabilitation. She is a Safer Driver Facilitator, In- Car Coach and Keys2Drive Instructor, Diploma Community Services.

Registered Provider for NDIS.

Your road user handbook: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/roads/licence/road_users_handbook-english.pdf  will give you lots of information that can assist with the practical aspects of driving.

Driving requires competence on the learner driver part this will come through practice hands on driving experience with the help of your parent/supervisor also your driving instructor. To help you navigate this new part of your world we have lessons one at a time or look into the packages available.

You will learn road safety develop driving techniques that are tailored for each individual as a structured lesson plan. The curriculum content derived from the Roads and Maritime Service format in your Learner Driver Log Book.

Driving is rewarding aspect of your future, can have the potential for your job applications more appealing. So email, text/phone us today let us help you make your safe driving techniques from the start that lasts a lifetime.


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